when God makes you wait

Have you ever gone through an unbelievably difficult, dry season? A season of hopelessness, heightened emotion, or searching and doubt? I have. I am. And it is tiring.

 In the last couple of months, I have learned an incredible amount about myself, about life, and about my relationship with the Lord. My faith has been challenged, my friendships refined, and my patience tested. In fact, that is exactly what I want to talk about today – patience. Or rather, waiting.

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hannah // when He speaks

Happy Saturday! Today’s post was written by my dear friend and roommate, Hannah. She has been a blessing to me the last two years while doing life with her, and I know her wisdom will reach places far beyond anywhere she’ll physically go. Let her words encourage you today, friends!

Hannah //

I have found over the years that the Father likes to speak to each of us in different ways. For some the Father speaks through the music that they write, others the art they create, for others still it’s through visions or dreams. As for me, I have started to realize that He likes to speak to me during the times when I journal.

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comfortable with discomfort

This last week, we had a reader send in a post that she felt the Lord had placed on her heart. The concept of having someone else’s posts on our blog has not been something I’ve given much thought to, but in this process I have become so very welcoming to the wise words of another being posted here. I never want to limit the Lord in what he does with our blog. That being said, I want to share with you the post our reader sent in!

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promises, promises

Have you ever set an alarm for the morning (or five if you’re like my roommate Emily) and snoozed it so many times (literally 9 times if you’re like my roommate Emily) that you’ve compromised every small detail of getting ready? Maybe you’ve made a promise to yourself that you’re going to get up and spend a little extra time with God, or eat a healthier breakfast, or take time to go for a quick run, but you let your feelings take over when the moment comes.

Maybe you’ve made a promise to do something with or for someone else, but when the time came around to do it, you realized you had something better to do. It’s not always on purpose, and sometimes you really do have something more important come up — but how many times have you backed out on your word because of what else you might want to do or get done?

Yes, I’ve been there — too many times. And I’m sure you have, too.

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