comfortable with discomfort

This last week, we had a reader send in a post that she felt the Lord had placed on her heart. The concept of having someone else’s posts on our blog has not been something I’ve given much thought to, but in this process I have become so very welcoming to the wise words of another being posted here. I never want to limit the Lord in what he does with our blog. That being said, I want to share with you the post our reader sent in!

“Is it really all about our comfort?”

“Do you ever find yourself saying…
I need you to do this for me” . . . or “I have to have it this way” . . .?
I can’t do it unless” . . . or “I don’t know what I want” . . . ?

Wow! Really?
And here I thought it was about what the Lord wants. Do you think I am pointing my finger at you? Well, the answer to that is NO. We are all so sinful by nature, even if we are reading and studying the Bible daily. Have you ever noticed that Biblical activity does not guarantee Christ-like behavior?

Recently that truth hit me hard. As I mulled some particular behaviors over in my mind, I couldn’t shake the ultimate conclusion: the fact that we seek our comfort. ALL of us do it; it’s just that some of us do it constantly. We cause others to re-arrange their schedules to accomplish our comfort; we cost others expense because of our need to be comfortable and we deny the needs of others to see that we get our comfort level met. I’ve heard a pastor preach about how we do whatever we can just to keep ourselves comfortable. We will do anything so that we don’t have to endure pain or discomfort.

What an opposite position from that of our Lord Jesus. He embraced pain, discomfort, rejection, being hated, grief, and so much loss. Not because He earned it, but because of us. Should we embrace less? Should we only do what gains us freedom from pain, gives comfort, gains acceptance or love, allows for nothing that causes us grief? That certainly isn’t the “Jesus” style of living.

That thought reminds of a class that I once taught with another nurse. We did a one day class on, “Accompanying the Dying.” Accompanying someone who is dying is very hard at its core; watching, waiting, and being helpless to change the outcome. A very humbling and UNCOMFORTABLE experience indeed. But what that can bring as a result is something very precious: patience, kindness, acceptance, generosity … and whatever else the Lord may desire to bestow on the receiver.

I encourage you today – BE A RECEIVER! Receive whatever the Lord desires to work into your life. Allow some discomfort. Don’t fear what He may want from you. He will not leave you or forsake you. Even in the midst of being UNCOMFORTABLE. Seek His style of living. The rewards are so much more than comfort has to offer you!”

I don’t know about you, but I was so encouraged by what this reader had to say. I happen to know this her quite well; her name is Sue, and she is my mother’s mom. My beloved grandmother has collected wisdom and experience over her lifetime, and her story is one of the most influential and miraculous stories I have ever heard.

I once heard someone say, “Your life’s story is just that; a story. It doesn’t have to be your identity.” This statement is so very true for my Grandmother. She has endured much, learned much, and teaches much because of it. I am so blessed to have her!

Thank you, Grandma, for sharing your thoughts with us! I know that the Lord will use these words for encouragement and edification.

Happy weekend!

– Alexa


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