aubrey: a story unfolding


Have you ever read a book that was SO good that you’d spend half of your day flipping each page with anticipation of what the next would bring? Twilight was one of those for me. I kid you not, I read the first book of the saga within a day. I was what they called a “Twi-hard” back in the day when Twilight was what people were talking about. I went to (almost) all the midnight showings of each movie, and even went as far as making my own “Team Edward” shirt with neon colored puffy paint and a giant iron-on picture of Edward’s face. You guys, I was a HUGE fan and I didn’t care how crazy some people thought I may be (which was probably quite a few… I blame it all on my homemade shirt.)

I want you to look at your life as a story, because that is essentially what it is. You begin the story knowing little about what each page has to bring, and as you continue to read you start learning more and more. You start to gain a better (but not perfect) understanding of how the story line is progressing. You don’t know what the next page will bring until you read it, just like you don’t know what tomorrow will bring until you live it. Time begins to fly by as you further dig into the story, just as it does as we continue to grow. As you read the story, you may grow weary of it. You might feel like it just isn’t improving and that it’s not worth finishing. You decide to set the book to the side and maybe come back to it when you need something to do. You don’t think much about it until you must do a book report for your English class and this book happens to be half read. So, you briefly skim through the pages to get a refresher, but then set it back down until the time comes again where you’ll need it.

 Let’s be honest here, when it comes to our faith that may be some of us, right? I will be the first to admit that that’s how I was from my junior year of high school to the end of my sophomore year of college. Sure, I knew who God was and I knew he was always there for me. But at that time, he was just a book I had partially read only until I began to grow weary of because nothing “exciting” was happening. I had done my “skimming” at youth group or at church camp. These events were refreshing and I felt like I finally knew the story again, but within weeks I had fallen back into the enemy’s trap and began to grow weary once again. A lot of things happened in my life (things that we will talk about as this blog grows) that began to turn me away from God. They began to make me think that the “God story” I was reading wasn’t good anymore; it was only bringing horrible and painful things into my life. I drew away from my relationship with the Lord. At the time, it made sense in my head why I was doing drawing back, but now I cannot imagine going back to living without Him.

Let’s be real here, Twilight is a messed-up story. To put it simply, a girl falls in love with a vampire… and becomes best friends with a werewolf. Yet, there I was, a HUGE fan of that messed up story. Although our stories may not be Twilight messed up, they are still messy. We do things we regret and are ashamed of and end up turning our back on God. We make mistakes that result in our life becoming ugly at times. But here’s the thing, no matter how messed up our stories are, God will always be our biggest fan. He will always love us, even when we think that we can write the story better. He cares about you and wants you to come running back into his arms because you are loved more than you know by someone who died to know you.

It’s not too late to run to Him. It took me FOUR years to do just that, and I am telling you right now that it was the best decision I have ever made. And it will be for you as well, I promise.

Now, go.

He’s waiting.

– Aubrey


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